Emerge Attorney Coaching ("Emerge") provides life coaching services specifically for attorneys, including partners and associates in law firms, solo practitioners, in-house counsel, and law students.  Emerge's life coaching system is directive, focused and fast paced, designed to help you build positive momentum towards maximizing your potential and acheiving your stated goals within a short period of time.


In February 2016, the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation published study findings revealing that a significant number of licensed, employed attorneys qualify as problem drinkers, struggle with depression, and demonstrate symptoms of anxiety.  While the legal profession offers increased income opportunities and status within the business community, attorneys consistently express a lack of professional satisfaction with the practice of law and personal satisfaction with their quality of life.  

Professional Challenges

Professional dissatisfaction exists because attorneys often feel frustrated, as they have not been able to dictate the terms with how they will practice law, the clients they work with, and the type of matters they work on.  Additionally, attorneys often feel that they are stagnating because they have not advanced professionally at the pace they anticipated, nor received the recognition they desire.

Common themes:

  • "I am not holding myself accountable to doing the things that will help me build a successful practice"
  • “I don’t like the area of law that I am currently practicing"
  • "I don't know how to effectively network and attract clients"
  • "I don’t like the clients I represent"
  • "The administration of billable hour timekeeping is exhausting"
  • "I feel like I am on a treadmill because I'm always working and there is no end in sight!"
  • "I got passed over for partnership…again"

Personal Challenges

Personal dissastisfaction exists because attorneys are perpetually struggling with how to carve out a rewarding "quality of life" and are increasingly stressed as they see their interpersonal relationships failing, health and fitness regimens steadily declining, and money management errors piling up. 

Common themes:

  • "I am having trouble managing my stress levels"
  • "I don't want to practice law anymore but I have to pay my mortgage and student loans"
  • "I don't spend quality time with my relationship partner, and when I do, I'm tired and stressed"
  • "I miss most of my kids' games and recitals, and it's dissapointing”
  • “I have not spent time with my family"
  • "I had no idea I would be this unhappy and out of shape"
  • "I feel confined by the golden handcuff’s"


Emerge coaches work closely with clients to identify why they are not maximizing their potential, and then serve as an accountability partner helping clients move towards their stated goals and vision of success.  Emerge coaches also help clients develop systems to maintain personal life balance, focusing on self-development, including sustainable health and fitness regimens, interpersonal relationship maintenance, and sensible money management practices.  

Emerge One-On-One Coaching is a personalized accountability system designed to drive you towards peak performance.  As your Accountability Partner we:

  • Assess your professional and personal productivity
  • Jointly establish professional and personal goals, short term and long term
  • Jointly develop Professional and Personal Development Accountability Plans
  • Jointly develop effective strategies to ensure that focus is maintained on goals and global vision of success
  • Conduct active accountability management sessions to ensure that commitment and action is taken in furtherance of development plans

Our results are overwhelmingly positive; our clients have realized a significant improvement professionally and personally after engaging with Emerge. From earning more income, receiving industry recognition, and improved leadership skills, to improved health, healthier interpersonal relationships, and improved personal finance management, clients that work with Emerge Coaches report increased productivity in business and enhanced satisfaction in their personal lives.

Attorneys can’t perform at their best without maintaining balance in their personal lives.
— Dana Lawson